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Shoveling Liability

Reported by: Danielle Krout for WTAJ-10 News
Wednesday, January 06 2010

EBENSBURG, CAMBRIA COUNTY— Property Owners are responsible for clearing their sidewalks in a reasonable amount of time, but what if it doesn’t stop snowing?

“I think people are finally running out of places to throw the snow,” said Ebensburg Borough Manager Dan Penatzer.

Most municipalities have ordinances that give people anywhere from 12-24 hours to clear their sidewalks once the snow stops falling.  Ebensburg Borough allows owners to have 12 hours to clear their sidewalks once the snow stops.

Attorney Tim Burns said that even though ordinances give specific time frames, property owners can still be held accountable for injuries if their sidewalks aren’t cleared.

“There’s a possibility there could be liability on the homeowner, depending on whether or not they are responsible for their sidewalks.  I would recommend people should have their property insured,” said Burns.