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Roxbury rink plans rolling

By: Dave Sutor for the Tribune Democrat
August 11, 2012

— The Roxbury Park roller hockey rink might not be moving too far away from its current home after all.

Earlier this week, during a Johnstown City Council meeting, the Roxbury Bandshell Preservation Alliance proposed relocating the venue to a spot 30 to 35 feet away from where it is now.

The group previously sought to rebuild the rink on a hillside in the park and later in Hornerstown near Sandyvale Cemetery.

Both ideas met with opposition. Some Roxbury residents did not want the facility put closer to their homes. Parents of a few hockey players did not approve of the Hornerstown choice.

“We went back to the drawing board,” said Tim Burns, attorney for the bandshell organization.

The alliance wants to move the rink because occasionally pucks fly over the boards and into the audience when concerts are held at the bandshell.

Building a new rink a few extra feet away from the seating area should alleviate the problem.

“It looks like it could really work and we could cohabitate pretty much and all live happily ever after with this situation,” said Mary Borkow, president of the bandshell group.

Council would still need to approve the final plan, which would include expanding the rink to full National Hockey League-regulation size.

Moving it only a few feet would be a cheaper alternative than the anticipated $250,000 price tag of relocating it to another spot in the park, which would have required the costly excavation of a hillside. Money will be raised through private donations.

The alliance already has obtained a $10,000 grant from Lee Initiatives, a Johnstown-based organization dedicated to encouraging health-related services.