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Child-Killer Nathan Shaw Still Claims Murder Was an Accident

Reported by: Angie Koehle for WTAJ-10 News
Tuesday, March 08 2011

HOLLIDAYSBURG, BLAIR COUNTY — Four years after leaving the Blair County courthouse a convicted child killer, Nathan Shaw still claims the murder was an accident and that claim generated quite a response.

“It upsets me that they say this was an accident.  This was not an accident. If you look at the coroner’s report, you will see he blatantly murdered and tortured my grandson,” Peggy Miller, the victim’s grandmother, said.

Miller isn’t the only person who was taken aback when the word accident was used to describe 6 year old Jared Klein’s murder.  Judge Daniel Milliron even told defense attorney Tim Burns that only two people believe this was an accident, him (Burns) and Nathan Shaw.  It was statement Shaw’s attorney found troubling coming from the judge.

“It concerns me,” Burns said.

Little Jared was stabbed in his Tyrone home in December of 2005.  His mother was beaten and raped and her car was stolen.  Shaw’s conviction of first degree murder came in 2007 and now he is trying to get a new trial.

“One of the big issues was his appeal counsel.  We’re contending he’s from the same office, that’s a conflict.  You can’t challenge your effectiveness at trial with the same office,” Burns said.

Both Shaw’s appellate attorney and trial attorney were appointed to him from the Blair County Public Defender’s Office.

“I would say his attorneys got him off a death sentence, so they did a pretty good job for him,” District Attorney Rich Consiglio said.

There were 11 total legal issues Shaw presented for the judge to consider. Some were dismissed or withdrawn.  Consiglio said Shaw’s claims are meritless and the judge went above and beyond to make sure Shaw’s rights were protected.

“I would be astonished if this case ever came back.  There were so many rulings against the Commonwealth by the judge, not that we agreed with them at the time,” Consiglio said.

Klein’s grandmother said Shaw is lucky.

“His family is able to see him and talk to him and we go to a gravesite where it’s very cold and my grandson doesnt respond back,” Miller said.

The judge gave the attorneys 30 days to file their memorandums before he makes a decision.